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Tierra de Patagones + Get N Classic Vol 3 (VO)




1 heure 30 minutes


Joaquin Azulay, Julian Azulay, Graham Nash, Reagan Ritchie

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/ TIERRA DE PATAGONES (Argentinia, 2014) D: Joaquin + Julian Azulay / In their follow up TIERRA DE PATAGONES, Julian and Joaquin travel across the wild region of Patagonia, south america. New waves are discovered, new friends are made. The wonderful patagonic culture, it's humans and unique animals are part of a journey from Buenos Aires to the mystic Island Isla de los Estados in search of empty waves... / GET N CLASSIC Vol. 3 (USA, 2014) D: Graham Nash + Reagan Ritchie / Capturing an astounding journey of global surf exploration, GET-N CLASSIC VOL. 3 brings you the best surf crew on earth in the world best waves. Join Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost and the rest of the VANS surf team across the globe in Hawaii, Scotland, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, the Caribbean. Top level surfing on the big screen! 

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