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Lost Party


3 Août à 17:00


xxx xxx 60 00 Montrer

Special Guest:

Lost Frequencies

Residents DJs:

Mirco Many 



Belgian producer Felix de Laet is quickly gaining recognition for producing a new and intuitive style of quality music. It’s hard to believe that he began producing in earnest just 3 years ago, after getting his very first MacBook Pro. Growing up in a musical family, Felix played piano alongside his brothers from a young age. Never one to settle in place, Felix takes his inspiration from hip-hop, jazz, to drum and bass. He listens to everything and lets his broad taste inform his musical decisions.

He loves to incorporate the old (Lost Frequencies) into

exciting remixes, and this love quickly turned into the need to produce original compositions.

In early December 2014, Felix made #1 in the Belgian charts for more than a month with his mesmerizing original track 'Are You With Me'. After his recent #1 in the German overall charts coupled to a #1 in the French Airplay charts, Lost Frequencies is conquering a new European country top chart almost every week.

In addition to an official remix for Stromae, Lost Frequencies is currently working on the awaited follow up of ‘Are you with me’. 2015 could be Lost Frequencies’s year. Stay tuned.


Laris Alexander DJ & Producer native from south of France.

He really mastered the deejaying art over the past two decades, and has experimented a lot of various electronic flows in various cities like Kiev, Geneva, Zürich and now London.

His hard working mind set and ability of being flexible makes his personality easily underlined. Emotion, Groove and passion would be the light motive to define what we can hear through his sets between, Deep House, Teck House and sometimes Techno.

With good technical skills, this Frenchy realizes his ambitions and success of his sets that brings you in his own universe.

DJ MIRCO MANY (Résident)

Genevois originaire de Venise, Mirco Many fait partie de cette génération de DJs qui ont donné de l’ampleur à la scène house en Suisse. Depuis les 80’s, il produit de la house et présente de nombreuses émissions radio Dance Underground, Funk en passant par le Hip House, la House etc. Dans les 80-90’s, Mirco est également reconnu dans le milieu de l’évènementiel par ses nombreuses soirées majeures à Genève, Montreux, Lausanne, etc., avec la collaboration de nombreux DJ Internationaux de la scène house Underground. 

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