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Andrey Makarevich



2 Novembre à 20:00


Entrée — dès 49 CHF.

Andrey Makarevich, a truly Russian rock legend, to perform in Zurich and Geneva.

When Russian-speakers want to explain Andrey Makarevich to foreigners, they often compare him to John Lennon or Paul McCartney. This iconic Russian rock star, singer and composer comes to Switzerland in November 2015 with a new program called "Your Five". 

Most Russians know Andrey Makarevich for decades as a founder and the long-time leader of the legendary Soviet/Russian rock band "Time Machine" ("Mashina Vremeni"). It is the most famous and the oldest still running Russian rock group which has performed since May 27, 1969 without any break-ups until today. 

"Time Machine" was the first to play rock music in Russian and made it popular in the former Soviet Union. Their song "Povorot" (The Turn) topped the very first Soviet chart in 1979, and in 1984-1985 another hit "Muzyka Pod Snegom" ("Music Under The Snow") topped the chart for 17 months! In Perestroika time, when the group was allowed to issue their first official LPs, they sold 18'000'000 copies of each. At the same period of time, "Mashina Vremeni" launched the first independent music label in Russia, "Sintez Records".

All the band's lyrics are written by Makarevich. They were often metaphorical fables that made allegorical puns relating to life in the Soviet and Post-Soviet eras. A renowned fan of the Beatles, many of Makarevich's songs reflect the Beatles' influence. He is also influenced by blues music and Soviet singers-songwriters, the so-called "bards".

Since the beginning of XXI century, along with playing rock with "Mashina Vremeni", Andrey Makarevich started to pursue his interest in jazz music. Today he also plays guitar in some of his recent projects, such as in "Creole Tango Orchestra", "Jazz Transformations", "Songs about L.O.V.E." and "Yiddish Jazz". The last performance is dedicated to Yiddish songs from beginning of XX century performed in jazz arrangements. 

In addition to his solo albums, Makarevich has also composed music for a number of films and played in few of them. A Soviet musical drama "The Soul" ("Dusha"), released in 1981, have been seen at least by some 33'000'000 people! In addition, Makarevich has participated regularly in Russian TV shows and assisted other groups and artists. He has authored several poetry collections and two volumes of memoirs. A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Architecture as a graphic artist, Makarevich is also interested in painting.

The “Your Five” program team who are touring this fall in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, is composed of Andrey Makarevich (guitar, vocal, music, lyrics), Evgeny Boretz (keyboards, arrangements), Sergey Hootas (double bass), David Tkebuchava (drums) and Timur Nekrasov (brass). They will perform hits of "Mashina Vremeni"and some others from solo projects, written by Andrey Makarevich, as well as few jazz standards.

Meet Andrey Makarevich and “Your Five” at the Zurich's Volkshaus (November 3, at 20:00) and at the legendary Geneva's Alhambra concert hall, newly reopened after years of restoration work (November 2, at 20:00).

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