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Boris Grebenshikov


2 Décembre à 20:00


xxx xxx 12 20 Montrer


Entrée — dès 49 CHF.

Boris Grebenshikov and his various bands performances are either big, « electric », in big concert venues or small, acoustic, in cozy clubs.

Boris, the Godfather of Russian Rock, will be performing with three Irish folk musicians:

a legendary flautist - Brian Finnegan, one of the best contemporary accordion player in the country - Alan Kelly, and a master of Celtic percussion – John Joe Kelly.

Grebenshikov's setlists are always the best kept secret, but one can easily imagine that any of Boris's songs – be it old Aquarium classics or a new ones - would sound differently. But in no way unnatural - Irish music and Celtic culture were always a major source of inspiration for Grebenshikov.

Boris remembers how, in his youth, some fellow foreign students brought a cassette to Saint Petersburg, then behind The Iron Curtain, with a couple of hours of a western radio program dedicated to the folk music of the British Isles. « My Lord! How did I cherish these recordings!

I played the cassette nonstop for days! Each listening was sending my spirit wandering through mythical and nevertheless totally real world. It was like drinking the water from a magical source, giving me new force ».

Grebenshikov's Irish band only started playing extensively this summer and is in a process of recording its first album. Those who saw the band playing testify that you'd leave the concert with a strong feeling that Grebenshikov's music was always made to be played in pubs.

Come and join us and taste this joyful feeling! 

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