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Russian Fever - Vitaly Kozak


15 Septembre à 19:00


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#RUSSIANFEVER GOLDEN AUTUMN EDITION in Mandarin Oriental!  That will  be the event with iconic Moscow DJ and fashion blogger VITALY KOZAK, founder of very popular MOSCOW disco nights LOVE BOAT! The party will be with some Russian elements (special menu and cocktails) but all the expats are also welcome, they will also have fun)))). I attach all the information and pictures. Will be happy if you are interested and announce it).

#RUSSIANFEVER GOLDEN AUTUMN EDITION at your favorite Mandarin Oriental Geneva!

The Golden Autumn will come to us with the most stylish Moscow DJ Vitaly Kozak, whose musical tastes are quoted on the pages of Interview Magazine and heard in private secular events around the world.

It is not simply one of the most popular DJs of the capital, Vitaly has an extraordinary character, whose charisma and love for life fills the party with a special atmosphere of drive and fun.

Be prepared to live an intense evening with multicolored sequins, new friends, our branded cocktails and random hugs on the dance floor ! 

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