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Folies Douces



1 Août à 23:00


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Entrée — 15 CHF.

It’s summer and despite that It’s holiday time for many of you, music remains the best answer.. Folies Douces is back on the 1 st of August at Silencio !!

For this round let’s keep It local and friendly, our two resident Ezekiel and Kyle Linco are pleased to invite K-Mi aka Carlo.L from the groovy label RTH - Rooftop Hookers 

This artist was born in Singapore with Cuban origins, K-mi aka Carlo L. was raised in what can be defined as a music loving environment, exposing him since his early childhood not only to the melodious universe of latin music but also to many of the musical trends of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Sitting at a piano for the first time at the age of 7, his relationship with music has only been evolving since. Besides piano being his main instrument, he also has a thrill for the universe of electronic music. 

Started DJ’ing more than 10 years ago and has recently played at gigs in Geneva, Madrid and even Copenhagen at Distortion festival with his music collective Rooftop Hookers.

As usual don’t forget to bring your best Smile .. we will take care of the rest .. !! 

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