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New Program " WE" 

The theater of dance of Alla Duhova TODES created one more new performance – tremendous, fabulous, not having analogs. It is called "WE" to emphasize a unification of a scene and the hall which is always born at the performances TODES. Two hours of faultlessness, delicate taste and inimitable skill. 

"WE" is a continuous cascade of the strongest impressions and vital opening which can be transferred only skillfully executed dance. "WE" is the continuous, bursting forth emotions vibrating as the bared nerves, these are the beautiful and difficult tricks weaved together from which captures spirit. 

Alla Duhova's TODES MODERN BALLET offers an unlikely amalgam of choreographic styles, ranging from classical ballet to cutting-edge hip- hop and modern dance! Brilliant choreography, a celebration of sound and color, spectacular moves, supercharged energy, an improbable blast of vitality, and a one-of-a-kind unique original style – this is what TODES is all about! 

TODES is one of the oldest and most praised dance groups in Russia. With its 25-year history, TODES has become synonymous with contemporary Russian choreography. Each of its solo shows choreographed by the dance group founder and leader Alla Duhova is a cultural phenomenon acknowledged by leading music critics in Europe. 

The excellence of Alla Duhova's dance group is backed by an abundance of culture awards and prizes collected from all over the former Soviet Union, United States, Australia, Israel, Germany, France, China, and South Korea. 

Alla Duhova's TODES has collaborated with a large number of spectacular world tours by highly acclaimed artists, such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontiev, Philipp Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, and others. 

Throughout its history, TODES has been paying close attention to bringing up new generations of dancers. Almost 200 branches of TODES school are now working worldwide. 

The premiere of the new "WE" program took place in Moscow recently, was enthusiastically met by public and critics who predicted to the performance "WE" triumphal procession worldwide. 

Alla Duhova and her dancers recognized as one of the best in the world, immerse the spectators in depth of world culture, forcing them to laugh, admire, think. We learn own feelings, passions, the life in dancing sketches. And first of all, the performance "WE" is a bright anthem to freedom of human spirit. 

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